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Published: October 9, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
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Another Nike Bot Cracked 31

















Yesterday, a new bot cracked 31 on the Nike “Nike Air Max” bot. This is just one of thousands that have been created in the past years, and it’s going to be a while before this one gets outmoded by another program. But why did it take so long for this particular Nike Air Max Bot to get cracked? Well, bots are built from analyzing human input – specifically from other bots who make mistakes or from people themselves. It was only recently that people started taking advantage of the features in these bots which can definitely help them crack a tough level. As for the Nike Air Max bot, it is one of the most “human” bots ever created. While some bots are really that tough to crack, this Nike Air Max Bot is very easy to beat, that’s why it wasn’t cracked until now.

The Nike Air Max Bot itself has a set of features that make it easier to get passed the difficult parts in these type of bots. The first computer breaking feature was found at the end of 2016 and really made a big difference in breaking the original Nike Air Max Bot. This feature was able to freeze time and make it easier for people to get past certain obstacles within a level.

Yet these are only the beginning of what Nike Air Max Bot has to offer. The bot will continue to be updated and improved with new features that could make it easier for even the most skilled programmers to use it.

The Nike Air Max Bot is a nearly three year old bot that has been used by many people in the computer world as a tool to help them defeat tough levels. With higher level bots becoming more prevalent, the Nike Air Max Bot began its life as a way for users to continue playing on levels they were unable to complete without any help.

This bot is quite popular among the community of people who use bots. It has been cracked multiple times, and it has even inspired others to create new bots that are just as good, if not better than this one. This bot is used by many people to help them advance farther into higher levels without any human assistance. With the constant updates that the developers make to improve this bot, it will continue to be available for users for years to come.  The Nike Air Max Bot was created by “Stoltenhoff” and continues to be updated on GitHub with new features and ways to make it easier for users to navigate past difficult obstacles in level design.

There are a number of other bots that were built for this particular game. However, this Nike Air Max Bot is the only one that has been cracked. Its popularity is based off of the fact that it can be used to easily defeat tough levels without human assistance, and the fact that it has not yet been cracked. The creator has already shown his presence by responding to feedback from users and updating the bot as needed.

The Nike Air Max Bot was created by “Stoltenhoff” and continues to be updated on GitHub with new features and ways to make it easier for users to navigate past difficult obstacles in level design: https://github.


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