by jakchar
Published: October 8, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

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Street Fighter 2008: The Balance Edition is a modern, fan-made update to the original 2008 Street Fighter that attempts to fix some of the balance issues with the game.

The 2008 version of Street Fighter was a radical departure from every single Street Fighter released up until that point. It was so radically different from its predecessors that it actually caused some players to quit playing!

In this post, you’ll learn about the origins, feedback process, and ultimate goals for this remake of Ryu’s seminal beat ’em up title.

We will be starting with the original, more “vanilla” version of Street Fighter 2008. The “Balance Edition” is a modern, fan-made version of this game that attempts to fix some of the balance issues with the game.

This article will serve as an introduction to the current project with an extensive overview of its origins and goals. You can then follow up with posts that cover each individual aspect. Lastly, we’ll conclude by discussing what’s changed since our last post.

The Basics: Our Team

The Balance Edition was started about two years ago under the name Project Ryu (henceforth abbreviated PR). A small group of friends got together with the goal of remaking Street Fighter with modern tools. One member, ikudu, had a background in programming and handled the programming side while another, miimochi, did everything else from art to map design. Another friend, konimex, supplied all the sprites and mapping stuff while QeZ has been working on translating. With the exception of miimochi, all the work so far has been done by outside contributors.

Then, how’s it coming along? Is there a playable build?

The short answer to both questions is “yes”. We have a working demo with Ryu and Ken available. This demo is not complete but should give you an idea where we are now. Everything else, including the other characters, are mostly works in progress. The project’s website has download links to this demo as well as information on how to keep track of our progress if you’re curious about what we’re working on now.

Lastly, if you’re interested in the project itself, please stop by our forum and register so you can be kept up to date with what’s happening! We have a very active community on there who are always willing to answer any questions about the game.

The Community Rises Up!

The initial release of Street Fighter 2008: The Balance Edition was met with a mixed response. Some people were excited and tried it out while others simply didn’t care and didn’t want to play it.


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