"I love that TMC are always testing out new channels to see what works"

If you need a safe pair of hands to test how your campaign performs on a new ad channel, engage TMC to run a trial on any of the platforms below…


Twitter targeting is based on keywords and hashtags, allowing advertisers to reach users who have been interacting with certain types of content, targeting them with promoted tweets that are similar to other in-feed ads.


Pinterest has a loyal following, with over 300 million active users per month and a strong contingent of females in their 30s and 40s. It's a visual platform like Instagram, offering promoted pins and videos in the newsfeed.


Yahoo is still the 6th most popular site on the web. Now owned by Verizon and claims to reach over 1 billion users per month. The ad platform offers a variety of ad formats such as images, videos and Yahoo Mail ads.


Native advertising platforms like Taboola, Dianomi & Outbrain help publishers to promote content to a very wide audience using discovery widgets that showcase editorial features on the advertiser site.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok has one of the fastest-growing audiences online and the average age of its user base is gradually getting older. The platform features a number of unusual ad formats, including popular newsfeed ads.


Snapchat is popular with a slightly younger Generation Z and Millennial user base. The range of useful ad options are limited, but include non-skippable video ads that can drive traffic or views for long-form content.

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