Agent Network

The fast way for property developers & master agents to penetrate new markets globally, or in specific target territories

B2B campaigns open up new sales channels that add significantly to your bottom line – TMC will help grow your agent network quickly & cost-effectively every time.

Agent Network price model

Agent Network Bundles

  • 50 Leads £1750

    Pay a fixed cost of £35 per lead, plus get 10% extra leads free

  • 100 Leads £3000

    Pay a fixed cost of £30 per lead, plus get 10% extra leads free

  • 200 Leads £5000

    Pay a fixed cost of £25 per lead, plus get 10% extra leads free

Setup Options

Fast Setup

The low cost, speedy start option
  • Adverts run from a TMC branded social channel
  • Campaigns run from a pooled TMC ad account
  • Access to TMC pooled remarketing audiences
  • Landing pages are hosted on a TMC subdomain
  • Standard TMC terms & privacy policy apply
  • Standard reports are sent once per week

Full Setup

Seamlessly branded marketing activity
£ 475
  • Run adverts from your own branded social profile
  • Private ad account, pixel & conversion events
  • Private remarketing data solely for your campaigns
  • Landing pages hosted on any custom subdomain
  • Your own terms & privacy policy apply
  • Fully customisable reports sent daily or weekly

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Campaign Creative

HTML Email Newsletter – £150

Professionally-designed, mobile responsive email with copywriting designed to maximise email engagement.

Set of Premium Banners – £150

A set of stylish static banner adverts, in at least 3 placement sizes that can be used for Google Display, or Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and elsewhere.

Play Video

Simple Video Ad – £150

Cost effective multimedia advert featuring animated stills, captions and music.

Play Video

Premium Video Ad – £300

A higher-value production, with Adobe After Effects, stock footage, even a voiceover!

Landing Page – £150

Pay a premium for extra well-qualifed quality leads by capturing leads on a premium landing page.

Lead Form – FREE

Maximise volume and reduce costs on Facebook & YouTube.

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