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"TMC Property Media are the leading industry-specific agency for expert Facebook advertising campaigns."

Why Facebook Ads ?

An incredible advertising platform for endless lead flow at unbeatable costs.

That’s  Facebook, if you know what you’re doing. But you’ll need a strong offer, amazing creative, smart strategies & the right sales approach to really win big.

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Facebook Ads
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Image Ads

Get your campaign live as fast as possible, with a set of scroll-stopping ads that present your offer clearly, on-brand and with maximum impact.

Cost Per Lead

Take the risk out of testing Facebook ads and pay a fixed price for each response to your approved ads from a pre-agreed list of target markets.

Video Ads

Polished promos with voiceover, text animations & captions designed to fill up your sales pipeline with more highly-qualified, engaged prospects.

PRO Management

Expert campaigns run from your Facebook page - we work together to optimise strategy, targeting, qualification & return on ad spend.

Facebook Love

One of the things clients love about working with us is the access they get to our proprietary set of retargeting audiences, who we KNOW are in the market – these allow both smaller spenders and clients with bigger budgets to get a fast start.

Dan Johnson

CEO of TMC Property Media

Facebook Ads Pricing


Minimum Spend

  • When you book a Facebook Ads campaign with TMC, a fixed percentage of your budget is taken as a fee, while the rest goes directly on media spend.
  • We are 100% transparent about the actual campaign costs & performance.
  • Our job is to spend your budget as effectively as possible.
  • The better the results, the happier you are as a client & the longer you stay!

Cost Per Lead




*CPL campaigns at TMC’s discretion.  

PRO Managed


Up to £5,000


Up to £20,000


Up to £50,000

Fast Setup


No Setup Cost

Full Setup


Onboarding Fee

Creative Options


Text & Image Ads


Premium Banners


Simple Video


Premium Video


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