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"With YouTube, we can target the SAME people as search, but with much less competition & far better adverts. "

WHY Youtube VIDEO ?

Viewers retain 95% of a video message compared to just 10% when reading text.

TMC is a Certified YouTube ads expert – when added to 20 years of experience marketing on the Google platform, this gives us a real edge in video advertising.

Lead Form

For the lowest possible costs, use a lead form and pick from a selection of predefined questions to qualify clients.

Landing Page

Driving traffic to a landing page does increase lead costs, but typically leads to higher levels of commitment and lead quality.

YouTube Advertising
YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is the new secret weapon we use to promote all our video adverts. It has everything you want from a platform – suberb targeting options, enourmous reach, high impact ads that generate top quality leads and value for money pricing.

Dan Johnson

CEO of TMC Property Media

Video Creative Examples

YouTube video adverts can use:

  • Your video footage
  • Drone & virtual tours
  • Development CGIs
  • Local area photos
  • Stock video & images
  • Graphic animations
  • Voiceover & captions

Cost Per Lead




*CPL campaigns at TMC’s discretion.  

PRO Managed


Up to £5,000


Up to £20,000


Up to £50,000

Fast Setup


No Setup Cost

Full Setup


Onboarding Fee

Creative Options


Simple Video


Premium Video


YT High Volume Form


YT Strong Intent Form


Landing Page

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